The Social Good Brazil Lab is a social innovation and entrepreneurial accelerator that helps bring to fruition ideas that use technology and online media to build a better and more sustainable world. Started in 2013, the Social Good Brazil Lab enables innovators to test, prototype and realize their ideas in all fields; ranging from health and economy, to conscious consumption and culture.

Since it's founding, the Social Good Brazil Lab program has formed the bridge between innovative spirits and successful innovation. It provides the necessary resources and support for anyone from anywhere to make their dreams a reality.

From an idea written on the back of a napkin to an employed company, The Social Good Brazil Lab is for everyone. We work to build up and flesh out the ideas of participants so that wherever they begin, when they pitch their idea to our handpicked group of investors at the end of the program, they're ready to make change happen.

We prepare our Labbers with cutting edge information and resources;  four months of vigorous training with tools such as Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and the Canvas Business Model as well as participation from expert mentors and specialists makes the Social Good Brazil Lab program the huge success that it has become.

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