As we put 2016 behind us, Social Good Brazil is ready to open its 2017 Lab with open arms and an open heart.

You might be confused about what exactly is SGB Lab. Let us clarify a bit for you. Following the Global Goals launched by the United Nations, SGB Lab helps turn ideas that aim to build a better and more sustainable world by using technology and online media into reality through a four-month long laboratory. Since its founding, SGB Lab has supported over 330 social entrepreneurs and more than 170 innovative initiatives from all over Brazil. It has become the tool needed to realize the dreams of those who dare to dream.

Last year, we received almost 400 applications and after careful review, our team selected 50 applicants to become LABBERS. Lab includes three in-person meetings, each 4-day long. All of the meetings are held in Pedra Branca, a place filled with entrepreneurial spirits and a corporate partner of us. Other than these in-person meetings, SGB also offers online webinars and provides Labbers with mentors who are experts in the area. By the end of this four-month long journey, the top 3 initiatives being voted upon will receive jumpstarting seed money and present on Festival.

Every in-person meeting targets one aspect of Labbers’ initiatives, such as their business model, impact model and social management. What was missing from Lab 2016 is the financial piece, but now there will be one day dedicated to develop an applicable financial model, teaching the Labbers how to achieve financial sustainability.

Also, as a part of the application process, applicants need to submit a video. Last year’s videos were directly sent to the SGB team; however, this year, the videos will be uploaded directly to YouTube. Pursuing the idea of open innovation, SGB encourages people from both the SGB and Labbers’ network to comment. Even if some applicants end up not being selected, they can still use this process to help their initiatives improve and receive comments and new ideas.

Registration for Lab 2017 opened on February 7th. If you are interested in joining the Lab family and creating an impact on other people’s lives, register to be a Labber now!